Meet Maricruz


Job Title: Medical/Dental Biller and Coder

Maricruz joined our team July of 2016. She comes with an extensive medical billing background which includes: handling patient account receivables and claims receivables. Maricruz holds a HIPAA Compliance Certificate and has participated in multiple insurance trainings. She is originally from Las Cruces, NM, now resides in El Paso, TX. On her free time, Maricruz enjoys spending time with her loved ones, watching Sunday night football

Meet Adriana


Job Title: Insurance Verifier

Sitting in a challenging position, we have Adriana. Adriana ensures insurances are verified before patients arrive for their scheduled appointment. She joined the practice in 2018, after moving from her hometown Colorado Springs, CO. When not hard at work, Adriana ensures she spends quality time with her family, while watching the New England Patriots take the win. 

Meet Arturo

Meet Arturo, he has been part of the HDOFS team since 2015. His main focus is medical coding, (in other words, he translates procedures performed by our oral surgeons into CPT codes to ensure we are billing for rendered services correctly) Outside of work, Arturo enjoys spending time with his family and friends. 

Meet Karla